Chipsmart, Insurance designed specially for SMART Repairers and PDR Technicians

The insurance needs of SMART (small and medium area repair technique) and PDR Technicians can be as unique as they are varied. By the very nature of your business you could be repairing a small scratch, removing a dent and for wheel specialists machining a damaged alloy.

Because of this your business activities are very different to what a traditional motor trader would do, so carrying out car repairs or respraying them is not what it’s about and we understand that, after all that’s why Chipsmart is trusted by 100’s of business that have a SMART Repairer and PDR Technicians business insurance policy with us.

Your repair business is centered around a mobile service, as a result of this our specialist insurance policy is designed with this in mind because it brings all your business insurance covers together in one policy.




Who is a SMART Repairer and PDR Technician business insurance for?

Whether you are a SMART repairer or a PDR Technician, the service you provide usually involves moving from one customer or motor dealer to the next so having Road Risks insurance cover is an essential part of your business.

Repairing dents on car doors, scrapes on bumpers, or damage to wheels you need other commercial insurance covers to protect your business.

The needs of a PDR or SMART Repair business are very similar, repairing vehicles means that you are working on them, so there are other types of insurance covers that you will need.

Having the correct insurance in place will mean that your business is protected against costs that you might otherwise have to pay, this is because you are working on your customers vehicles and you cause damage.

Your business vehicle is your business premises if you are mobile, SMART repairers insurance or PDR Technicians insurance gives you the peace of mind that should your vehicle be lost, stolen or damaged through theft for instance, so insurance is there to keep your business, in business should the worst happen.

Why use Chipsmart for your SMART Repairer and PDR Technician Insurance?

Chipsmart is a market leader for SMART Repair and PDR Insurance, its not just another insurance product to us, we know what your business does and what your risks are. Chipsmart was launched in 2013 and are specialists in this market as well as long established and experienced Motor Trade Insurance Brokers

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What does a SMART Repairer or PDR Technicians insurance policy cover?

Road Risks Insurance

If your scratch and dent repair service is mobile your business relies on getting to your customers premises on time. Having motor trade road risks insurance in place allows you to drive on the road. The benefits of having a road risks policy is that you can drive your own vehicles as well as your customers vehicles, sometimes a benefit if you need to drive your customers vehicles either at a car sales pitch or perhaps to deliver a vehicle when its been repaired.

Although there are choices between Third Party Only, Third Party Fire & Theft or Comprehensive insurance, its always better to protect both your own and your customers vehicle against damage whilst you are driving it, because of this we would always recommend comprehensive insurance cover.

Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance is the cornerstone of any business insurance policy, Public Liability will protect you against claims for compensation or legal costs incurred should a member of the public make a claim against you where they have alleged you have caused injury or a loss, perhaps damaging their vehicle whilst you are working on it. A specialist repairer policy such as that from Chipsmart will give you extra covers, damage to the vehicle you are working on as well as defective workmanship.

You may have people that work for you, it doesn’t matter whether they work for you occasionally or full time, it’s a legal requirement that you have compulsory

Employers Liability Insurance

Having a specialist SMART Repairer or PDR Technicians insurance policy from Chipsmart will cover you for damage that you may do whilst working on your customers vehicle, not something all Public Liability Insurance Policies will provide.

Tools and Equipment Insurance

Being a mobile repairer means that your van will carry all those specialist repair tools, machinery and equipment, you may even have it specially adapted to include awnings to protect the vehicle you are working on. Your tools and machinery are essential to your vehicle repair business, because theft can be a particular risk and subject to certain conditions we provide full overnight cover.

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Low Rate Monthly Direct Debit OptionWide Cover designed specially for mobile repairers

Cover for your vehicles at your home premisesDrive personal cars, business vehicles and customers vehiclesTools and machinery covered in your vehicles overnight

Public LiabilityEmployers LiabilityLegal Expenses

£5million Public Liability Insurance covered as standard
Damage to items being worked up on. Not a standard cover on most liability insurance policies

Fully Comprehensive Insurance for Customers Vehicles

Vehicles fully covered at your own home or customers premisesChoose the drivers you need to drive in your businessSocial Domestic & Pleasure optionOwn vehicles fully covered at home 

Inside Your Vehicle

Tools and Machinery in your vehicle including overnight

**Awnings covered whilst attached to the vehicle*

** Subject to the vehicle locks being in place, the contents out of view, all portable tools locked in an appropriate storage container securely bolted to the fabric of the vehicle.

Subject always to policy conditions*subject to policy limits and conditions

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