Portable Hand Tools Insurance

Being a SMART Repairer or a PDR technician the tools and equipment you have are crucial to your business, being without them because they have been lost, damaged or stolen can have a huge impact on your business.

Portable Hand Tools Insurance will ensure that in the unfortunate event that you have a loss your insurance can get you working again as soon as possible.

What is portable hand tools insurance?

Whether your business is a mobile repairer, or you work from business premises, its likely you will use your tools and equipment throughout the day.

Heat lamps, paint application systems,  PDR tools, Insurance provides protection for Tools and equipment both inside a vehicle or in your business premises on what is known as all risks insurance, meaning your tools and equipment are covered throughout the UK both in the day and overnight including from an unattended vehicle (subject to a few conditions).

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Who needs Portable Hand Tools Insurance?

PDR Technicians, SMART Repairers as well as alloy wheel repairers, whatever part of vehicle repair you work in, insuring your tools is essential, it allows you to replace everything quickly so you can get back up and running again with your business should the worst happen.

Insuring your portable hand tools couldn’t be easier, cover is provided under one insurance policy covering your vehicles, your liability insurance, commonly referred to as a motor trade combined policy.

Can I insure plant and machinery in the back of a van?

As a mobile alloy wheel repair service or instance you will probably need carry machinery in the back of your vehicle, tyre fitting machinery, compressors and other equipment. This is quite normal but its essential that its covered correctly.

Why insure your portable hand tools and machinery and plant with Chipsmart

Insurance for the mobile vehicle repair sector isn’t just something we decided to do yesterday, we have been providing this type of insurance since Chipsmart was launched in 2013 but for years before that.

We understand your business, the processes that you use as well as the exposures you are faced with every day.

Chipsmart isn’t a call centre, we are real people with extensive knowledge of your business.

Speak to a specialist today, we can chat through your requirements, and if required provide advice along the way, something the call centres won’t do.

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