Road Risk Insurance

If you work as a SMART Repairer, a PDR Technician or a Wheel specialist you will benefit from having a Road Risk Insurance Policy

What is a Road Risk Insurance Policy

A Road Risk policy will allow you and your staff to drive business vehicles as well as customers vehicles on the public road. Having this type of insurance is a great benefit to your business particularly when you are moving from repair to repair or if you need to move a vehicle either at your customers home or if you are working for a larger organisation moving vehicles around their sales pitch or in and out of their premises.

What does a Road Risks Insurance Policy Cover?

Road Risks insurance is very similar to a car policy, you can select which cover better suits your needs, Third Party Only, Third Party Fire & Theft or Fully Comprehensive. As a vehicle body repairer, you will be driving your own vehicles as well as your customers vehicle, both could be high value therefore comprehensive cover is always recommended.

As your business grows you may have staff that also need to drive, these can easily be added for use in the business to drive business or customers vehicles. As the owner you will be able to use the business vehicles for pleasure too.

If you work from commercial business premises there are times when you may need to keep your customers vehicle, providing them with a loan vehicle enables your customer to continue driving, this type of insurance is referred to as loan and hire and is easily added to the motor trade insurance policy under the road risks section.

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Why do I need a Road Risks Insurance Policy?

Buying road risks insurance means that you will have the flexibility to drive your own and your customers vehicle on the public highway, no other insurance policy will provide you with this extent of cover. We always recommend that a business has road risks as part of a wider policy that covers liability insurance as well as tools and equipment rather than an individual policies.

Why have a Road Risks Insurance with Chipsmart

Insurance for the mobile vehicle repair sector isn’t just something we decided to do yesterday. We understand your business, the processes that you use as well as the exposures you are faced with every day.

Not all Road Risks insurance is the same, our policy has been designed specifically for SMART Repairers as well as PDR Technicians, the insurers we work with react quickly to claims because they know the specific covers on our policy, getting you back in business fast should a claim occur   .

Speak to a specialist today, we can chat through your requirements, and if required provide advice along the way, something that call centres can’t do.

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