Liability Insurance for SMART Repairers and PDR Technicians

Who is liability insurance for?

As a vehicle repair specialist, you are faced with many exposures even on a daily basis. When you repair vehicles, you could be at risk from members of the public alleging that you have caused injury, loss or damage to them or their vehicle. When you have people who carry out work for you Employers Liability insurance will also provide protection should a worker be injured or suffer illness whilst being employed.

Having the right type of liability insurance policy will benefit any business against claims for compensation and associated legal costs should they be found negligent.

As a commercial insurance broker who specialises in cover for SMART repairers and PDR Technicians we provide the types of liability insurance you need for your business, what’s even better is that we can bring it all together with other essential insurance protections under one policy to suit your business needs whatever its size.

What is liability insurance?

Liability insurance covers required for a vehicle repairer can be much wider than for other trades and this is where a specialist combined policy is needed that is designed specially for businesses that handle vehicle repairs.

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Public liability insurance

This type of cover isn’t a legal requirement however its key to any business that deals with members of the public. It will provide defence where you, your staff or your business have been found to be negligent having  caused loss, damage or injury to a third party. A third party can be anyone such as a member of the public.

A vehicle bodywork repair specialist requires additional insurance covers that are not usually found on a standard liability policy such as defective workmanship insurance. This provides protection where you might have worked on a vehicle and have done damage to it, just something as simple as forgetting to put a wheel on correctly can be extremely costly not only with damage to the vehicle but the injury it may cause.

Having insurance with Chipsmart you will benefit from enhanced covers  too like damage to the vehicle that you are working on, damage to wheels, distortion to plastic parts or heat damage to expensive body panels, cover not usually found on a standard body repair policy.

Employers Liability Insurance

As your business grows its likely that you need to take on help, having employees even on a part time, casual or even voluntary basis will mean that you must have Employers Liability Insurance by law.

Employers Liability compulsory insurance will provide a defence for you and your business should an employee experience illness or sustain an injured whilst working for you. It will pay the legal costs that are associated with defending a claim and should you be found to have been negligent then the policy will also pay any compensation that is due.

Why have liability insurance with Chipsmart?

Insurance for the mobile vehicle repair sector isn’t just something we just decided to do yesterday; we have been providing this type of insurance since Chipsmart was launched in 2013, but also for many years before that. We understand your business and its processes, whether you are paint or dent specialist, or you work on wheels, upholstery or glass

Chipsmart isn’t a call centre, we are real people with extensive knowledge of the vehicle repair sector.

Call us today, we can chat through your requirements, and if required provide advice along the way, something the call centres usually won’t do.