SMART Repair Insurance

Having bought your new car the last thing that you want is to have small scrapes, scratches and dents, after your house your car is probably your most expensive personal asset.

Keeping your car in that showroom condition takes time and effort, continually taking your car to a Bodyshop can be expensive, this is where having SMART repair insurance can be a benefit, it’s a more cost effective way to keep your car in pristine showroom blemish free condition.

What is SMART Repairer Insurance

SMART, which stands for “small and medium area repair technique”, can also be called scratch and dent insurance or cosmetic repair insurance. With this type of insurance the repair work can be carried out at a dealers premises, at customers’ homes or a place of work, it’s a quick and simple way of removing those scratches, scuffs and dents from your cars paintwork without the need for expensive body shop work or the need to make an insurance claim on you motor insurance policy.

Who carries out a small area repairs?

Traditionally any size of body repair was carried out by a body shop, as technology has moved on this has enabled specialist mobile repairers to go to the vehicle. SMART repairers are specialist vehicle body repairers who work on small areas without the need to repair the whole panel, enabling a much speedier repair.

SMART Repair

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Specialist Insurance for the SMART Repairer and PDR Technician

How does Smart insurance work?

When you buy your car from a dealer you can be offered insurance for bodywork damage protection as part of the deal, other dealer options can also be available such as insurance to alloy wheel damage for instance. Having a policy to cover those scrapes and scratches on your vehicle allows you to make a number of claims throughout the year for minor damage, how many though depends on the type of policy you have.

Claiming for the cosmetic repairs to a car this way means that you don’t have to use your main car insurance policy to claim, doing so would prove very expensive due to loss of no claims bonus and, depending on your car insurance excess might not be worth claiming anyway.  A scratch and dent policy will avoid the hassle and expense of using your private motor policy.

Where can I obtain smart repair insurance?

A smart repair insurance policy can be purchased when you buy your car but this can be expensive, there are many independent online businesses that offer this type of insurance along with alloy wheel insurance, having an insurance policy will help you protect your investment and keep those accidental scratches and dents under control.

About Chipsmart

Chipsmart does not sell smart repair insurance, we are specialist insurance brokers that provide insurance to those body repair specialists that will be doing the repair to your car. Chipsmart is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of smart repairer and PDR Technician Insurance

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